Harbour City Films produce wedding video/DVDs styled to reflect the personalities of our Brides and Grooms and the essence of their wedding. How do we do this?






Initial Meeting

Initially your videographer/editor will meet with you to provide an overview of our product and understand what you would like from your wedding video.



Pre-Wedding Preparation

When you have confirmed your venues and specific details of the day (times etc), we visit those venues prior to your wedding and prepare for filming. Based on the logistics of your day (natural lighting, position of guests, timing etc) we consider framing, filming positions and audio requirements for the style of film you have requested.




We also attend your wedding rehearsal to finalise filming details. If you have chosen to take advantage of our professional wireless lapel mike kit, we demonstrate how this works. We also offer advice for ensuring great photos and video of your ceremony.


Please remember to confirm prior to booking venues and a priest or celebrant, that filming of your ceremony will be permitted at that location.


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